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6S17K-V UHF triode tube (original box) - $2.50/ea In Stock

6N1P / 6DJ8 / ECC88 / 6922 Voskhod tube - $2.00/ea In Stock

6N3P-I / 2C51 / 5670 / 6CC42 tube (original box) - $1.50/ea In Stock

6N7S / 6N7GT tube - $1.70/ea In Stock

6N1P-EV / 6DJ8 / ECC88 / 6922 Voskhod tube - $3.95/ea In Stock

6N6P / ECC99 / E182CC tube - $5.00/ea In Stock

ECC85 / 6AQ8 RFT tube - $9.00/ea In Stock

6S19P-VR tube (original box) - $4.00/ea In Stock

6N8S / 6SN7 / ECC32 / 6CC10 tube - $4.00/ea In Stock

6N5S / 6N13S / 6AS7G / ECC230 (black plate) tube - $20.00/ea In Stock

6N23P / E88CC / 6DJ8 Voskhod tube - $19.00/ea In Stock
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» Vacuum tubes by types » Triodes
A triode is an electronic amplifying vacuum tube which consists of three electrodes inside an evacuated glass envelope: a heated filament or cathode, a grid, and a plate (anode). Invented in 1906 by Lee De Forest by adding a grid to the Fleming valve, the triode was the first electronic amplification device, and the ancestor of other types of vacuum tubes such as the tetrode and pentode. Its invention founded the electronics age, making possible amplified radio technology and long-distance telephony. Triodes were widely used in consumer electronics devices such as radios and televisions until the 1970s, when transistors replaced them. Today their main remaining use is in high power RF amplifiers in radio transmitters and industrial RF heating devices. The word is derived from the Greek triodos, from tri- (three) and hodos (road, way), originally meaning the place where three roads meet.
Single triode Double triode
PCC88 / 7DJ8 TESLA tube
6F5M / 6F5 tube
E182CC / CV5766 / 7119 MULLARD PHILIPS double t...
6N6P / ECC99 / E182CC FOTON tube
6N9S / 1579 / 6SL7 MELZ carbolite base tube
6N16B-V MELZ double triode miniature tube
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