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» Indicator tubes » IN- indicator tubes » IN-9 nixie bargraph tube
IN-9 nixie bargraph tube
Manufacturer: Anod factory
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IN-9 is linear gas discharge indicator, intended to display electrical values, transforming them into glowing bar. Indicator can be used to control various parameters, state of technological processes, in information panels and in measuring devices. Indicating - through side panel of the tube. Glowing color: purple - orange. Filling gas - neon/argon.

IN-9 tubes are very similar to IN-13 bargraph but have only two electrodes and a bit smaller in size.

  • Min firing voltage, U: 100;
  • Max firing voltage, U: 140;
  • Max displaying current, mA: 12;
  • Grow brightness, nt: 40;
  • Tube size: 10mm x 140mm (0.4 x 5.5 in).

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