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TG1-0.1/0.3 thyratron ULYANOVSK tube
TG1-0.1/0.3 thyratron ULYANOVSK tube
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Russian thyratron TG1-0.1/0.3 75mA 0.3kV tube. Designed to work in rectifying devices, relay and relaxation schemes. The balloon is filled with argon. Oxide cathode, an indirectly heated. Warm-up time 30 sec. Works in the upright position, the cap down. Cooling natural. Durability not less than 500 hours. High quality made for military equipment. Tubes were made in ULYANOVSK factory (USSR, ULYANOVSK city).

  • Cathode type: oxide, indirect heating;
  • Heater voltage, V: 6.3;
  • Heater current, mA: 0.66;
  • The amplitude of the forward and reverse voltage anode: 300;
  • The average anode current: 75 mA;
  • The amplitude of the anode current: 300 mA;
  • The voltage drop: not more than 20V;
  • The amplitude of the trigger pulse: not more than 100;
  • The length of the start pulse 5 ms;
  • Gated strength at Ia = Ia max: at least 300;
  • Checkpoints starting characteristics:
    - The first at a constant voltage on the anode 110: -14 to -10;
    - The second at a constant voltage on the anode 220: -29 to -21;
  • Weight: 40g;
  • Height: 78mm;
  • Diameter: 32mm.
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