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6I4P triode-heptode tube
6I4P triode-heptode tube
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The 6I4P short-characteristic triode-heptode with separate cathodes has been designed for use in noise-protected amplitude gates and sync pulse amplifiers of television receivers.

The 6I4P triode-heptodes are miniature devices enclosed in glass bulb and provided with nine-pin base leads and an indirectly heated oxide-coated cathode.

The 6I4P triode-heptodes are resistant to ambient temperature from -45 to +70C and relative humidity of 95 to 98% at +25C, as well as to vibration with an acceleration of 2g.

  • Name: 6I4P;
  • Type: triode-heptode,separate cathode;
  • Application: application in aplitude selector or synchropulse amplifier;
  • Cathode type: oxide,indirect heating;
  • Envelope: glass,miniature;
  • Mass, g: 15;
  • Filament voltage, V: 6,3;
  • Filament current, A: 0,41-0,49;
  • Anode voltage, V: triode-100/heptode-14;
  • Anode current, A: triode-0,009/heptode-0,0015;
  • Anode power, W: triode-1,5/heptode-0,5;
  • Grid1 voltage, V: heptode-0;
  • Grid2 voltage, V: heptode-14;
  • Grid3 voltage, V: heptode-0;
  • Grid4 voltage, V heptode-14;
  • Steepness, mA/V: triode-9/heptode-1,1;
  • Reverse grid current, uA: 0,5;
  • Gain: triode-40-60;
  • Socket type: rsh25.
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