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6N6P / ECC99 / E182CC double triode tube
6N6P / ECC99 / E182CC double triode tube
6N6P / ECC99 / E182CC double triode tube
6N6P / ECC99 / E182CC double triode tube
6N6P / ECC99 / E182CC double triode tube
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6N6P (6Н6П) double triode tube is miniature device enclosed in glass bulb provided with a nine-pin base and an indirectly heated oxide-coated cathode and designed for low frequency power amplification.
The 6N6P double triode is resistant to ambient temperature from -60 to +70°C and relative humidity of 95 to 98% at +40°C, as well as to mechanical loads: linear loads up to 100g, vibration loads up to 2.5g, and single impact loads up to 500g and multiple impact loads up to 12g. Equivalent to the ECC99, similar to the E182CC. NEW, NOS and never used before!

  • Original name: 6N6P / 6Н6П;
  • Type: double triode;
  • Application: LF power amplification;
  • Cathode type: oxide, indirect heating;
  • Envelope: glass, miniature;
  • Filament voltage, V: 6,3;
  • Filament current, A: 0,59-0,81;
  • Anode voltage, V: 120;
  • Anode current, A: 0,02-0,04;
  • Anode power, W: 4,8;
  • Grid1 voltage, V: minus 2;
  • Steepness, mA/V: 8,1-13,9;
  • Reverse grid current, uA: 0,5;
  • Microphonic noise, mV: 100;
  • Gain: 16,0-24,0;
  • Socket type: rsh8;
  • Maximum weight, gr: 20;
  • Service life guarantee, hr: 2000.
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