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» Wholesale bargains » Others » P214V / AD1203 germanium PNP transistor - wholesale price!!!
P214V / AD1203 germanium PNP transistor - wholesale price!!!
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P214V transistor PNP germanium with snap ring. Equivalent to the AD1203. Designed for use in switching devices, the amplifier output stage low-frequency DC-DC converters.

The main technical characteristics of the transistor P214V:
  • The structure of the transistor: PNP;
  • Pk t max - Dissipated power collector with heat: 10 W;
  • fh21e - Cut-off frequency of the transistor current gain for the common-emitter: at least 0.2 MHz;
  • Ukbo samples - Breakdown voltage collector-base for a given reverse current collector and emitter open circuit: 60 V;
  • Uebo samples - Breakdown voltage emitter-base junction reverse current at a given emitter and collector open circuit: 10 V;
  • Ik max - Maximum DC Collector Current: 5 A;
  • Ikbo - Reverse collector current - the current through the collector junction reverse voltage for a given collector-base and open emitter output: 1.5 mA;
  • h21E - Static current transfer ratio for the common-emitter large-signal: more than 20;
  • Rke us - saturation resistance between the collector and emitter: no more than 0.3 ohms

    Min. order quantity is 10 pcs.

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