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» Vacuum tubes by use » MINIATURE tubes » 6J1B-V / 6Zh1B-V Orel HF pentode tube
6J1B-V / 6Zh1B-V Orel HF pentode tube
Manufacturer: ORZJeP factory
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Russian miniature HF pentode tube 6J1B-V (6Zh1B-V / 6Р–1Р‘-Р’). High-frequency sub-miniature pentode high reliability and mechanical strength. Designed to enhance the high frequency voltage. Indirectly heated oxide cathode. Operates in any position. Available in glass miniature form. Durability at least 1000 hours. Made by ORZJEP plant, made in Russia (Orel city).

  • Name: 6J1B-V / 6Zh1B-V / 6Р–1Р‘-Р’;
  • Type: HF pentode hi-durable;
  • Application: HF voltage amplification;
  • Cathode type: oxide, indirect heating;
  • Envelope: glass, miniature;
  • Mass, g: 3,5;
  • Filament voltage, V: 6,3;
  • Filament current, A: 0,18-0,22;
  • Anode voltage, V: 120;
  • Anode current, A: 0,0075;
  • Anode power, W: 1,2;
  • Grid2 voltage, V: 120;
  • Grid3 voltage, V: 0;
  • Steepness, mA/V: 3,8-6,2;
  • Reverse grid current, uA: 0,1;
  • Microphnic noise, mV: 180;
  • Socket type: flexible.
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